Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tulips and Smiles

Even though spring seems to be having a hard time deciding what it actually wants to do as far as temperature and sunshine, it is still beautiful. We have been able to enjoy everything turning green and dots of color popping out all over. The trees are blooming cascades of flowers that when the sun shines on them they seem so brilliant. My tulips this year seem to be exploding with such vibrant colors, I don't remember them being this beautiful. I even gathered them and placed them in the house to enjoy. Having flowers in the house can lift you up. For some odd reason picking my own flowers has always been hard for me. Yet it doesn't bother me to go to a store and buy a bouquet of flowers to enjoy. I know I am strange.

How God thought and spoke the seasons into being is totally amazing and mind boggling. There was snow on some of my flowers in April. Patience is not one of my virtues so I thought I would never be able to get outside and dig in the dirt. Our winter seemed never ending.

Maybe that is why it seems God is letting us all see a little extra in the beauty of His artwork. Or maybe I never really payed attention to it as carefully as I have this spring. Why is it I forget that God is the one who gave me the desire to plant, grow and create beauty out of a tiny seed? Why do I take this for granted? It is a gift, and like all the gifts He gives us He desires us to use them. We are not supposed to sit and let them slowly die from lack of our tending them.

I think this was one of my "growing up" whispers from God. He laid on my heart women's ministry and mentoring. He didn't put this desire to be used inside of me without giving me the tools I needed to use this gift. God nurtured me, He also showed me the mentors that I had in my life that helped me to seek Him. He has placed key woman in my life to make me accountable. He gave me a thirst for a relationship with Jesus. Our Father knew I would not let go of myself without a struggle. God asked me to give up "wordly" things to pursue Him. He knew how hard it would be for me. He opened the doors and led me down the paths He wanted me to walk on. Since I can be so dense and stubborn God had to put his "gloves" on at times to pull out the weeds, my hurts were deep rooted. I have a thorn like Paul as a reminder.

I still have to remember to ask each day for the living water our Father offers us, His nourishment. Every day I have to ask for mercy and grace, so the weeds won't spread and grow.

The beauty of all of it, is what I have realized through all of Gods planting, and this makes me smile. Our Abba showers me "abundantly" with His blessings when I let our Father control my "garden gifts."

I pray that you will all see His beauty through what ever you may be going through. Let God use you and nourish your gifts. Let His healing rain embrace you. Let His light shine on you and nourish you to grow in Him and for Him. Remember His words.

Psalm 66:5

Take a good look at God's wonders- they'll take your breath away.

The Message

He loves you so,


  1. This is so beautiful! And what a great reminder that like our gardens, we, too, need to be weeded. And with every weed pulled room is made for flowers in our life to take its place in full blooming beauty.

  2. Just stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hello! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Now I'm off to enjoy your blog!
    Hugs, sandy

  3. I think of Jesus carrying that cross. When he falls and His mother runs to Him, He says "I make all things new" That is springtime to me. The Father making all things new. He is gives me such comfort...Spring